Terms & Conditions

                                                                      REFERRAL AGREEMENT
First Party

“IMM Web Information Technology.” (“IMMWIT”), A company having the sole proprietorship, having its registered office at 46, 100 ft road Ghitorni 110030- INDIA;


Second Party

_____________________ ______________having the Paying guest of ________ Seat. Is a PG   is having its office at _______________________ .

The name of PG is________________________________________.


Referral Terms:-

  1. IMM Web Information Technology (IMMWIT) having rights to list my property (PG) in his website www.pgezie.com with the complete details like original photograph, Contact number and number of seat.
  2. IMMWIT has complete rights to book my PG bed Online/Offline.
  3. At each booking of PG bed via “IMMWIT” sources “IMMWIT” will authorized to take his brokerage charge i.e. INR 1000/-.
  4. Once the “IMMWIT” confirm booking of PG bed then the booked bed will not be allotted to any other party without prior information to “IMMWIT”.
  5. Advance booking amount will be credited to PG owner after five working days from the time of confirming the bed book.
  6. Advance amount is adjustable in first month rent or in Security money deposited by Tenets.
  7. If the second party changes the price of PG then it must be inform to IMMWIT prior.